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200 Vesey Street , 24th Floor ,New York, NY 10281 *located in BROOKFIELD PLACE,
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A week ago 

A true neighborhood private practice. Dr. Cohen knows Battery Park City well and many of it's residents by name. If you are looking for a knowledgeable practitioner who gets to the root of the problem in a steadfast way, this is the place to go. It is a full service office that contains special equipment, such as a neck strengthening Cybex machine, that is difficult to find anywhere else. Dr. Cohen's practice is no-nonsense and accepts many insurance plans. He is flexible with scheduling, even when it is last minute. I feel so fortunate to have someone who looks at a patient from a wellness perspective and has given me relief from chronic lower back & neck pain.

-  Heidi Owen

In the last week 

My uncle is a chiropractor in another state and was that state's president of the chiropractic association. He called around the city for me to find someone with a sensible chiropractic philosophy and then recommended Dr. Cohen after speaking with him. I've been seeing Dr. Cohen periodically for about a year now. He's great! I don't have any spinal issues but have been going to chiropractors for preventative treatment my whole life. Dr. Cohen knows what he's doing and has a good personality too. He'll adjust you while making you feel at home, like you're visiting an uncle or something. He even has a little dog that hangs with him at the office. Love it!

-  Matt Sferrazza


Dr. Cohen is really knowledgeable about the spine. He touched my neck and jaw and immediately asked if I had TMJ. I let him know I do clench my jaw and wear a night guard every time I sleep. After the treatment, he asked me to walk down the hall and I wasn't sure why. As soon as I got up, I said: why do I feel so tall?!?! He just smiled and said now I am finally straight!

-  Halley H. -New York, NY


I have lower back and neck pain, have seen all types of doctors but they say it's nothing... Someone recommended Dr. Cohen to me so ever since I have been seeing him for over 3 years now whenever I am in pain. I don't know what he does but it works! He tries to accommodate my schedule and his treatments resolved my pain. Highly recommend him.

-  Mona B. -San Francisco, CA


I was barely able to walk and in a huge amount of pain from 4 herniated lumbar discs when I first went to see Dr. Cohen. He is very direct and a little gruff - but he did what no one else I had seen over my months of suffering could do - relieve my pain and get me back to 100% functionality. He sometimes has his adorable canine assistant Chloe in the office and that immediately put me at ease (I'm not a relaxed patient in general). His location in Gateway Plaza in BPC is very convenient with both the M20 and free Downtown Express bus just steps away. All in all, I'm a happy camper!

-  Maxime L. -Brooklyn, NY


Dr. Cohen is an excellent chiropractor. I've been seeing him for years for lower back issues. He is an expert in spine adjustments and relieving lower back pain. I would recommend seeing him for your chiropractic needs. He is also conveniently located inside Brookfield place, 24th floor.

-  Raymond C. -Woodbridge, NJ


Great doctor, helped my back feel better and gave me a note for a standing desk at work which has helped to. Highly recommend.

-  Nik N. -Flushing, NY


Dr Cohen is an amazing chiropractor. After a couple sessions with him I decided to bring my entire family (wife and parents). He took the time to explain the issues and treatments; never felt rushed. This continues to be a life changing experience for me as my posture has improved, I feel more energy and better blood circulation, and my mind feels much clearer. Thank you Dr Cohen!

-  Arnold Y. -Manhattan, NY


Great experience with Dr. Cohen this far. I found him to be incredibly kind, funny, and highly skilled. I am having some tightness in my lower back and have previous herniations from playing sports. I began having some issues when I increased my activity levels and types of exercise - Dr. Cohen has already helped realign my body and the difference was noticeable when I left his office. I plan to continue to go and gather I will continue to see improvement. Lastly, Dr. Cohen is very active himself and plays ice hockey which to me is a plus! Office is professional and conveniently located in Brookfield place. Highly recommend!

-  Kelly L. -New York, NY


A true neighborhood private practice. Dr. Cohen knows Battery Park City well and many of it's residents by name. If you are looking for a knowledgeable practitioner who gets to the root of the problem in a steadfast way, this is the place to go. It is a full practice office that includes a Cyber machine for neck strengthening. Dr. Cohen's practice is no-nonsense and accepts many insurance plans. He is flexible with scheduling, even when it is last minute. I feel so fortunate to have someone who looks at a patient from a wellness perspective and has given me relief from chronic lower back & neck pain.

-  Heidi O. -Manhattan, NY


Dr. Cohen is the real deal - experienced and effective. I have young kids which aren't gentle on my back - I am always feeing better after I go see him. He is also very good with wrists. I recommend Dr. Cohen to all my friends

-  Cindy b. -Manhattan, NY


I've been a patient of Dr. Cohen's for over a year after experiencing severe neck pain that got so out of control I would literally have to take a time out for an hour or two and just lay down.  After the first visit I started feeling better and within a few months my neck pain was basicallygone.  It was amazing to not feel pain.  His bedside manner is great; he makes you feel at home and asks questions and casual talk so as to not feel that you are in a doctor's office (ie. overly stuffy).  He works quickly and with care and precision.  Highly recommended!

-  George A. -Brooklyn, NY


I've been seeing Dr. Cohen for more than three years, through my first pregnancy and now during my second.  He keeps me aligned and alleviated discomfort/pain from handling a toddler and being pregnant.  His treatment has also helped with my seasonal allergies and I'm happy to say that I haven't taking any drugs for my allergy since I've seen him.  Dr. Cohen is also incredibly knowledgeable about homeopathic supplements and I always seek his advice when needed.

-  Tiffany L. -New York, NY


I started going to Dr. Cohen about 2 months ago for lower back pain.  Not only did he relieve my back pain, but my overall health and well-being has improved.  His exams are thorough and professional.

-          Marilu K. -New York, NY


I have been seeing Dr. Cohen with my husband and 3 kids for almost 2 years now.  We go about every 2 weeks or whenever anyone complains of back pain.  His technique is very thorough and effective.

I have had lower back pain for years and whenever the pain comes back, I can trust Dr. Cohen to help alleviate the discomfort.  

Other chiropractors have you in and out in minutes and Dr. Cohen takes more time to fully adjust my entire spine, elbows and hands.  The pain goes away and I can sleep so much better for the next few weeks.  With other Dr.s I would be in the office twice a week.  With   him, I feel better for twice or three times longer......

My kids enjoy the roller table and the adjustments because they say it helps their ''back feel better''.  We want them to know from an early age how to take care of their bodies holistically and Dr. Cohen educates his patients about preventative care very well.  

We feel blessed to have found someone so helpful and effective in Lower Manhattan and when we move to Brooklyn, we will probably still come back for visits because good chiropractors that you can trust are hard to find.

Jessica K - Battery Park, Manhattan, NY


I've recommended him to my daughter who works in Tribeca.  She thought he was great.  She lives in Hoboken and doesn't have a lot of time after work to go to any doctor and he accomodates her everytime. She tells me he always makes her feel better and he has a great sense of humor.  When she read the bad review from Jessica, she was taken a back.  She did not experience any of what this woman commented on.  Especially the cleanliness of the office or patient gowns. She has recommended him to co-workers and they all have no complaints.  I recommend this Dr wholeheartedly.  He has helped me in the past.  I can't imagine he wouldn't be as helpful, considerate (he's a good listener) and just as professional to any other patient.   

- Phyllis S. - Lincoln Park, NJ


I have been seeing Dr Cohen for over six months now, and have nothing to say but good things. Most important his treatments have helped my lower back pain, he's professional, friendly and on-time. I have recommended him to several co-workers and their feedback has been equally as positive.

- John V. - Manhattan, NY


I've been a patient of Dr. Cohen for almost 10 years now and have had the greatest experience with him since I walked into his office.  Steve was recommended to me by a colleague from Merrill Lynch and he has never let me down.  I noticed the one and only negative comment on Yelp and can tell you none of it is true.  Steve is the utmost professional with a fun personality who takes his field seriously and treats his patients with the utmost respect and care.  I go to him monthly for an adjustment and it has changed my life.  In the age where we sit in front of a PC all day, it is so important to adjust your body to make sure you are in alignment.  Aside from keeping me healthy Steve is a great guy who always has something interesting to say.  HIs office is neat, clean and he is the best there is his field.

- Richard H. - Manhattan, NY


I have been suffering from neck and lower back pain for a few months now, until
a friend of mine recommended Dr. Cohen to me. Between adjustments and therapy he has enabled me to live life without pain. Not only did he help my neck and back problems he has given me wonderful nutritional advice. I would absolutely recommend Dr.Cohen to anyone that is having back and neck pain.

- Alyson K. - Bronx, NY


I have been seeing Dr. Cohen weekly for almost 20 years- he is a great Doctor and has helped me eliminate my lower back pain- He is totally professional and skilled, and the best chiropractor around!

 - Peter G. - Queens, NY


I've visited Dr. Cohen for an adjustment once a month for the last five years, not to mention "emergency" visits.  I certainly wouldn't continue to do this at my expense if I didn't think he was excellent at what he does.  I've always been happy to recommend Dr. C to friends and colleagues. 

- Ken F. - New York, NY


I am patient of Dr. Cohen's and have been so for the last few years because he is an excellent chiropractor. He has been instrumental in relieving my severe lower back pain. I would recommend him to others.

- L. F. - New York, NY


I really like Dr. Cohen. He's to-the-point with his advice and treatment and he knows what he's doing!

- Magan B. - Astoria, Queens, NY

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