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Advanced Activator Methods

What is Activator Methods adjusting technique?
This technique delivers a controlled,light,fast thrust to restricted joints in the spine and extremities. The goal is to restore motion to
targeted joints so as to improve biomechanical function and restore neurological function.

Why does a person need an adjustment?
When a person experiences subluxation or misalignment to a joint, a number of consequences occur:
1) Compression or irritation to a nerve
2) Inflammation at the joint site
3) Reduced range of motion
4) Surrounding muscle spasm and tendon splinting
5) Altered posture and gait
6) Altered nerve signal transmission

How does the Activator work?
The Activator provides a precise gentle, low force, high speed thrust. The Activators speed is many times faster than a manual manipulation. This speed minimizes the bodies tendency to tighten up when the adjustment is given.

Why go to an Advanced Activator practitioner?
Certification in advanced Activator methods is no easy task. It requires extensive hours of additional postgraduate study along with personal mentorship with highly educated talented instructors.

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