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Nimmo Technique - Manual Trigger Point Therapy

Also called the Nimmo Receptor-Tonus Method, this technique was discovered by Raymond L. Nimmo, D.C. Seminars on this technique are now given in most chiropractic colleges. A normal muscle has normal tonus. Accident, insult, and injury may cause too many impulses to fire into the cord producing hypertonus or hypermyotonia. If this situation exists for a sufficient time, it can change the position of bones, producing subluxations, body distortions, low hips, etc. Later a trigger point may form in the muscle which sends a barrage of noxious impulses into an area producing vasoconstriction with consequent ischemia. Since tonus is controlled by the sympathetics, and is not under conscious control, we can not correct our own distortions. However, it was discovered that pressure applied in proper degree, at proper intervals, will release both trigger and hypermyotonia. Wooden "T-Bars" with rubber tips are used to reach between ribs and transverse processes in order to eliminate trigger points and segmental neuropathy, the latter usually being referred from viscera. Post adjustment procedures are used. Palpation is the only means of diagnoses. X-rays are not used. Most conditions that are encountered in general chiropractic practice including neuromuscular disorders and the cause of practically all pain can be successfully treated using the Nimmo technique. Receptor-Tonus relieves most pain immediately.

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